Household helper is going to keep your food fresh and full of flavor


Does the following situation sound familiar to you? Opening a fresh bag of chips, enjoying them, but not being able to eat them all. The next day you want to finish your bag of chips, but they already taste stale and soft. Not only chips but a lot of other food which is packaged in plastic bags behaves the same way. Who or what can help you out? Well, let me introduce you to Freshy!

Freshy is a handy and practical plastic bag sealing device. Food stored in plastic bags will stay fresh and not lose its taste, due to the ability of Freshy to reseal bags airtight. Chips will taste fresh and crispy just like when you opened the bag the first time. Instead of throwing out food you can now keep it fresh with Freshy.

Take Freshy in your hand and move it along the opening of the plastic bag while gently pushing down. Your bag will be sealed airtight. Ideal for putting your food in the freezer since it prevents freezer burn.
The back side of Freshy is equipped with a magnet, so it can stick to any magnetic surface like your fridge to always be close when you need it. Because of its size you can even take it with you if you need it during your day.

You can now get Freshy for a special offer of 9,95 € instead of 29,95€. You can add batteries to your purchase, or buy them seperately. This is how you can get your little helper Freshy:

  • Step 1

Get your own Freshy within 7 business days with international shipping.

  • Step 2

The device needs two AA batteries to work

  • Step 3
    • Start sealing all your plastic bags immediately. It is ready to use.