Simple household remedies to treat your after-sun-skin

Being on holiday or simply spending a weekend in the summer sun can leave us with a very painful souvenir: The sunburn. To treat this unwanted result of being kissed by the sun, we are pretty sure you`ll have a few household remedies in your home already.

When suffering from a sunburn, your skin might feel tense. To release this tension, relaxation is often the best way to go. If you want to support the healing of your skin you can apply yoghurt which will ease your pain. Freshly cut cucumber shows effects of healing when put on sunburned skin, because it mostly consists of water, which will help your skin rehydrate. A similar effect can be observed with slices of potatoes and tomatoes. Cooling is key! If you don`t have any greens at home you can mix water and vinegar (mixing ration 2:1) to put on a soft cloth to treat your skin with.

If you have a sunburn, a lotion containing aloe vera can be very helpful. You can even use the juice of the aloe vera Plant which you can get when cutting open one of its leaves. If you choose to buy it in store, make sure that it is not additionally scented, this could cause even more itchiness and inflammation of the sunburn.
Oak bark contains a lot of ingredients that can help with sunburn. Making a brew or tincture out of it rub on your skin, is very likely to improve the state of your skin. When using yoghurt or curt to cure your sunburn, make sure to wash it off with luke-warm water after about 30 minutes. This is very important because of a possible infection.

Whey, just like yoghurt and curd, is also a dairy product that is helpful when having been in the sun for too long. You can directly put it on your skin, or add it to your bath (there is also whey powder available in stores, add 8 tablespoons). Take a bath for about 20 minutes. Make sure to let yourself air-dry allowing the solution to sink into your skin. After-sun gels can help to cool your skin down. Lotion with marigold-extract proved to reduce the tense feeling of your skin. Just make sure not to use rich oil-based creams and to hydrate yourself, preferably with drinking water with a splash of apple juice.

The pain caused by the sunburn can be treated with zinc-oil or comfrey-balm fairly easily. If you grow parsley in your garden or own a parsley plant you can use it to treat your sunburn. Make sure to wash it properly and cut it in large pieces. It is important that its juice can leak so you can rub it in your skin or simply but the pieces on the parts of your skin that are burned. Seabuckhorn-oil can be poured onto a clean, soft cotton cloth and then be placed on the irritated skin to help relieve the pain.

Perhaps the simplest method of all is using ice cubes to cool your sunburn. Wrap them in a linen cloth and carefully place them onto your skin. It is very important to never put ice cubes directly onto your skin, because it could damage your skin tissue. Natron Water is also a great alternative to nurture your skin after a sunbath. Simply mix one liter of cold water with one teaspoon of natron powder. Soak a soft cloth with the mixture and gently press it onto your skin. You can also fill the mixture in a spray bottle and treat yourself to a nice misty natron water shower.

A very simple yet highly effective alternative to do yourself some good is lemon juice mixed with olive oil. Take 50ml of olive oil and mix it with the juice of one medium sized lemon or lime. Putting it on your skin will ease the tension and let`s your skin regenerate properly. You not only work against the sunburn but can also be delighted by the fresh scent of the citrus fruits. If you take good care of yourself after a sunburn you will be quick to return to the summer world.