Tips and tricks to scare spiders away from your house and home

Spiders, crawling through your home on their hairy eight legs to bother humans and give them a little scare once in a while. But do not panic! We are here to show you some easy tricks to get rid of them effectively.
Especially during the cold seasons, spiders seek the warmth and comfort of human homes. Default reaction: Disgust, revulsion and the urge to immediately exterminate the eight-legged little spider. That spiders are mostly harmless and a useful ally against flies and mosquitos is often overlooked. So here are a few effective tips to minimize the population of spiders living in your home without having to kill them.

1. Secure openings

Thecla & co. prefer dark corners and niches. Rolling shutters and small cracks on windows and doors are perfect for spiders to live in. To prevent finding them in the middle of the night hanging from your bedroom ceiling you can seal all these little cracks with silicone and hang your windows with fly screens. Especially windows and doors close to the compost, wood stashes or barns should be taken care of. Because of a great source of food, spiders love to live in places like those.

2. Lavender & mint

There are certain smells that spiders just simply cannot stand. Mint and lavender are the two most effective scents with which you can get rid of spiders. In form of scented candles or little bags of fresh lavender or mint close to windows and doors, there is a good chance the little insects are going to stop bothering you. You can also try to use lemon scented cleaning agents to convince a spider to move out of your home.

3. Consistent Cleaning

You probably are not going to like this, but regular, proper cleaning is key to minimizing the spider population in your home. Spiders love dark and dusty corners, where they can spin their webs in peace. If you take especially good care of those places you can watch the spiders pack their stuff and leave. Trash and leftovers can act as a magnet to draw spiders into your house, so always make sure to do enough cleaning.

4. Gadgets & Co.

Even though feeling arachnophobic when encountering a spider, we ask you to refrain from killing the little fella. Killing a spider should always be your last option if everything else fails. There are some easy methods of catching the spider without coming to close to it and getting it out of the house safely. All you need is a simple glass and a piece of paper, cardboard or a postcard. Carefully put the glass over the spider without hurting one of its eight legs and then shift the piece of paper underneath the glass. Now all you need to do is lifting the whole thing, making sure the paper seals the glass and set the spider free. If this method is still too up close to the action, there are a few gadgets that you can purchase. The Spider Catcher or the Snapy allow you to catch the spider without touching or hurting it.

5. The vacuum

In case your vacuum cleaner is equipped with a check valve you can use it to catch spiders, otherwise it would be very likely that the spider would just climb right back out. Take out the vacuum bag, after you trapped the spider in it and put it outside so the spider has a chance to find its way back into the world. This method is not very gentle to the spiders, so you might want use one of the others first.

Especially when it gets colder outside, spiders will always try to find a way into your cozy home. There is no way your apartment can ever be 100% spider-free but you can make sure to make it as hard as you can for them. Remind yourself that spiders are useful and killing them should be your last option and that setting them free is a way better alternative.