Improved vision – thanks to innovative space technology

Hearts of the internet community and car lovers alike are taken by storm by a new kind of windshield protection. The liquid glass lets rain and dirt just glide off your windshield and windows and makes them more resistant against scratches and rockfall. Shortly after its launch many car enthusiasts were blown away by this miracle weapon, which declares war on dirt, rain and rockfall.

Every driver’s nightmare: Impaired vision through your windshield not only costs time, nerves and effort, but also a lot of money. Rain and dirt are two of the main factors for impaired vision and could cause accidents in a worst-case scenario.

Two entrepreneurs from Germany wanted to make roads safer and developed an innovative windshield protection, that lets rain and dirt simply roll off – even when driving at slower speed. The protective liquid mastered the stress-test against rain and mud with ease and is about to change every driver’s life!

A sealing made from liquid glass called DiamondProtect. An innovative windshield protection which can be used for any kind of window is now revolutionizing the automobile industry. The catch: You can apply DiamondProtect easily from home and there is no need for an expensive treatment at an auto repair shop.

A company from Germany developed the DiamondProtect Windshield Protection to improve the life we spend on the road. The goal was to make windshields harder and more resistant against scratches and glass damage. During the progress, it became clear that the protective layer could do even more than just that. Rain and dirt glides off almost by itself when going 60 km/h (37 mph). With DiamondProtect not only protects your windshield but also goes easy on your wipers since you don’t have to use them as much.

Aside from being water- and dirt resistant, the sealing protects your windshield from everyday damage. The liquid glass forms a strong connection with the surface of the windshield which makes it more resistant to everyday signs of usage. This effect also supports the integrity of the windshield against rockfall & co. Furthermore, the protective layer smoothens the surface making it harder for insects, flies and mosquitos to stick to it. Same goes with ice during wintertime. Though DiamondProtect does not prevent the formation of ice, it makes it very easy to get it off your windshield without your ice scraper possibly damaging it and without wasting time. Having your car cleaned is also no problem. DiamondProtect can withstand high-pressure cleaning and car washes.

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Have you ever heard of a liquid-glass technology from space? No? Well, it’s about time!
The protection seal of DiamondProtect is based on space technology and is the original made by a German manufacturer. The liquid glass changes the atomic structures of the display surface and makes a strong connection with it. This makes the surface smoother and therefore much easier to clean. DiamondProtect acts like a second skin on the device to protect it. Since it is not a plastic screen protector, there is absolutely no chance of trapping air bubbles or applying it unevenly. The protective layer is 500 times thinner than human hair and invisible to the eye.

Applying DiamondProtect is a piece of cake, even for inexperienced users. For sealing your windshield, you will need one package of DiamondProtect Windshield Protection. 4 easy steps and your car is ready to go.

Basic Cleaning:
Clean the parts of your car that you want to use DiamondProtect on. Please refrain from using any type of wax products.

Open your package of DiamondProtect and start cleaning your windshield with the cloth in the pouch marked step 1.

Now it is time for the magic. Use the cloth provided in step 2 to seal your windshield. Wipe until cloth is beginning to dry.

Wait for at least 10 minutes to let the solution dry and then use the microfiber cloth to polish your window. That’s it, you’re done!

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